Abi Wallenstein
Hanseatic blues legend playing
 solo, with Bluesculture and many others.


We hereby announce that Abi Wallenstein, also known as "the father of the Hamburg blues scene", has started using Kaisser Instruments. Abi isn't just playing the blues. He is living it at open air events, in clubs or busking out in the streets. That's why we're happy he decided to use the 'Reamer'.

Abi's unique, earthy sound helps him express his innermost feelings through his instrument. So an overdrive pedal as part of his setup shouldn't just be another fx-box to cover up incapacity. Instead it's a tool which allows Abi to better express what he wants to say and what he wants you to hear - basically his personal
attitude and point of view.

We're proud that an expressive musician such as Abi has chosen our pedal from among all the available options.

The "Reamer" has made its way into Abi's effects suitcase.

Coming from his beautiful 1957(!) Guild M75 Aristocrat Abi's signal makes its way into this special suitcase, which holds an assorted conglomerate of different pedals. In this setup the "Reamer" is used to boost the signal without too much gain dialed in, but enough to make his little Fender spit sparks. The setup perfectly illustrates the fact that you don't need a lot of gear. In the end, the sound is in your hands. There are just some little helpers that make life easier.



Abi Wallenstein