Reamer is our take on the classic overdrive pedal. But this one has two faces. On one hand it can be used as a normal overdrive pedal with not too much gain dialed in but with higher volume settings to saturate your tube preamp section. On the other hand it also sounds amazing as a standalone distortion unit in front of a clean transistor amp. So either in a high volume setting where you can crank up your amp or in a low volume setting as in your bedroom, the Reamer is a perfect partner for good tone. 

Key to its flexibility are two switches to preshape the guitar signal. A “Lo” and a “Hi” cut/boost. While standard OD pedals use a rather narrow frequency band with cutted basses and highs to push your tube preamp with mids the Reamer has two switches to shape your sound. The “HI” switch lets all the brilliances of your guitar tone into the distortion circuit resulting in a much more aggressive tone. The “LO” switch controls the bass frequencies. If switched to “+” you get much more compression  making your sound fat and rich. With both set to “-” you get the normal OD frequency range.


The overall character of the Reamer is anything but standard. Gritty and dirty, smooth and fat, punching in the mids, there are tons of different sounds in this pedal. Make ´em yours!