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V2F is an acronym for the German “Verzerrer mit 2 Filtern”, meaning “distortion unit with 2 filters”. And that describes just what it is. Actually it's more of an overdrive unit, but a conversation about that subject would get out of hand quickly.

The V2F has been designed to cover the many nuances that reside between clean and distorted - although it also manages to produce the thick and sparkly sound of a totally overblown  '70s tube amp input stage.

(pic by Jenny Jacoby)

The pedal offers the standard control knobs every outright dirt pedal needs. Volume, drive and tone. It can be used as such to all intents and purposes.

And there is a plus:

Because you also get two filters: one before and one after the gain stage. These let you dial in a plethora of various sounds. Want more twang on your Les Paul? Just boost the HiMids in the pre filter. Need your Telecaster to grow some fat? Use the LowMid boost. Too much twang on your Strat? Just cut down a little on the HiMids.
Five different filters in every stage give you unlimited possibilities. Add some brittle to the distortion. Or even to the overall sound. Increase compression by beefing up the low frequencies from the pre filter. Your choice.

Technical stuff:

Filter characteristics:




(pic by Jenny Jacoby)


!! You also have the possibility to choose the filter characteristics yourself. We can include different frequencies and gain settings, just like you want them. Contact us for further details !!


(pic by Jenny Jacoby)