(Thanks to Tim Gressler and the Deeper Dees for this clip)

Priapos is a bass overdrivepedal with two signal paths. One for a screamer- like distortion sound and one that leaves your sound unprocessed. The distortion path also has a potent 2band EQ.

This nice vid shows the Priapos in action played by Tim with the Deeper Dees. Make sure you check their other vids out!



V2F is an overdrive unit with two filterstages. One before and one after the clipping stage. Each stage has six fixed filter settings selectable with rotary switches. As the second stage works like an ordinary  equalizer put after a distortion pedal, the first one interacts with the clipping characteristics. You can cut or boost different frequencies to make your sound more sparkly (hi-mid-boost), warmer (hi-mid-cut),  thicker (low-boost), less compressed (low-cut), ...

Here it is presented very analytically so you can hear all the filters. A more musical video will follow.

Setup: Fender 93´ Stratocaster w/ baritone neck (tuned to somwhat around “b”) -> V2F -> Fender Power Chorus -> SM57 + cheapo condensator mic. No postproduction!


(Thanks to KAYZER for the clip)

Once again a clip by KAYZER. Here is V2F with a more metal oriented approach.


(Thanks to KAYZER for the clip)

IT started as a fun project: tweaking the simplest fuzz circuit to produce the nastiest sound. After KAYZER posted the first clip on Youtube, there were requests to build some more. So ten more were made. Then we ran out of parts. To be more precise: Some NOS russian diodes that are of fundamental importance for the sound. But probably there will be another run as we made contact to a distributor of old russian electronics.

Stay allert!


 (Thanks to Freihaus for the clip)

Also one of the earlier projects. A two staged distortion/fuzz pedal especially designed for Marcus (aka Freihaus).