Ehren Groban
playing w/ californian desert rockers
Waxy and War Drum


“I´m loving the pedal... It´s my main OD in War Drum now, too. “

(Pic by Katrin Saalfrank)

Ehren and I met in Hamburg at a warm up gig for Waxy´s european tour supporting Kyuss lives!  Tim Gressler, a northern german bassplayer I designed a pedal for, was also playing with one of his bands. Ehren was interested in Tim´s sound, so we talked pedals, resulting in Ehren playing V2F throughout the whole tour. As the picture indicates: He made it his pedal and even found an easter egg ...

He plays singlecoil guitars almost exclusively. Mainly set to the hum-free “in between” settings.
He  uses a modded TS 808 to drive the V2F like you normally drive an amplifier. His main filter settings are the “Hi Mid boost” in the Pre section and the “Low Mid Boost” in the Post section. But as the settings are that easy to change -by the flick of a switch- he also changes sounds “on the fly”.

Ehrens Setup:
(depending on the occasion)

Singlecoil Guitar (mainly Stratocasters)

Tuner > Fulltone Clyde/Crybaby > MXR Microamp (Clean Boost) > Modded TS 808 >

V2F >

Roger Mayer Octavia > Memory Man > DD5 Digital Delay > MJM 60 Vibe (UniVibe Clone) > DD4 > DrScientist Radical Reverberator > Ernie Ball Volume Pedal>

Marshall “30th Anniversary” (model 6100)


Ehren Groban