We offer a large variety of services for instruments and electronics.

Instr Service

Not satisfied with the action on the neck of your beloved pre-CBS 7ender? Does playing on your keyboard feel like poking a wet sponge? Does turning the toneknob on your distortion pedal lead to no sound  changes at all? Or is its range too limited?


The little things not only make life great. Sometimes they diminish the fun you have with your instrument. As it is every musicians save haven, we do everything we can to tweak your equipment so it feels just right. 

Our workshop waits for your repair order

Not only do we work on the little things. We also settle all repair matters so you don´t have to sell your broken gear for no money at all in the bay. It was a part of your life, and just because it is broken doesn´t mean you have to part ways with your first ...whatever.

Years of “hands-in” experience with electronic equipment make us your first adress for every repair job. From soldering in new jacks to replacing a capsule in your mic. No matter what defect you want repaired, we do.

Get in contact, tell us your problem, and we will find a way  solving it.

Key Srvice

If Something is broken or out of fashion, don´t throw it away. Get it modded!


Got an old wah with a dead poti or switch? Don´t throw it away. It is a nice casing for all sorts of effects! Pitchable ring modulators, tremolos with variable frequency, simple volume or expression pedals, the list goes on and on. Tell us what you want modded. Just different tone caps in a DS-1 or other input caps in a T-Screamer or more/less gain anywhere, ...get in contact  and there will be a second life for your pedal.